Writing spotlight: ‘The Night of Elisa’ by Isis Sousa

In writing spotlights, I will show you books I have had the privilege to work on.

The Night of Elisa by Isis Sousa, edited by Clare Diston (Human Voices Editorial Services).

The Night of Elisa is a Gothic novella written by Brazilian-born Isis Sousa. Sousa lives in Norway with her husband and works as an illustrator. When she isn’t working, she writes and illustrates stories – dark tales with female leads that reflect of her love of the Gothic.

the night of elisa

This book follows Elisa, a young woman who wakes up in the world between life and death – Duskland. There she meets a cast of peculiar characters, including a pair of Siamese twins and a mysterious man to whom she feels strangely drawn. But how did Elisa end up in Duskland? Can she escape? And does she even want to?

the night of elisa 2

This novella¬†is brought to life by Sousa’s beautiful illustrations. The whole book features lavishly illustrated borders and embellishments, as well as occasional full-page drawings of the main characters. If you’re a fan of Gothic mystery, adventure and romance,¬†The Night of Elisa is perfect for you!

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Visit Isis Sousa’s Tragic Books website for more of her work.

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