10 cute letters to Santa

At this time of year there’s one important thing that lots of people are writing: letters to Santa!

Of course, sometimes good old Father Christmas has to decipher some fairly tricky handwriting, but he probably lets it slide because of how adorable the notes are.

Here are some of the funniest (and cutest) letters to Santa from all sorts of hopeful children.

The hopeless romantic

letters to santa
Solid music taste though.

The flatterer

letters to santa
Very nice, but she forgot to list any presents!

The threat

letters to santa
Judging by the frown on that pony, the consequences will be BAD.

The thoughtful one

letters to santa
Yes Santa, take it easy, just bring us all cash.

The computer nerd

letters to santa
An admirable effort!

The practical thinker

Letters to Santa
This kid is going to go far.

The younger generation

Letters to santa
Nobody’s got time to write out the list TWICE.

The lost innocence

Letter to santa
However they broke it to her, they didn’t do it right.

The people person

letters to santa
I think we could all do with people named Jeff in our lives.

The foodie

letters to santa
Not even a pack of six!

I’d like to wish you a very merry Christmas and plenty of time to relax, so you can get back to writing more than letters in the new year!

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