Writing spotlight: ‘A Cold-Hearted Phoenix’ by Isis Sousa

In writing spotlights, I will show you books I have had the privilege to work on.

A Cold-Hearted Phoenix, Episode 1: Dark Love, and Episode 2: A Trip to Hell by Isis Sousa, edited by Clare Diston (Human Voices Editorial Services).

A Cold-Hearted Phoenix is an illustrated miniseries written by Brazilian-born Isis Sousa. Sousa now lives in Norway with her husband and works as an illustrator, lending her artistic skills to the stories she writes and bringing her characters to life with her illustrations. Her books usually feature female leads and dark, Gothic themes.

a cold hearted phoenix

This series follows Vikki, a graphic designer who loves black clothing, metal music and men, and hates anything to do with summer and sunlight. In Episode 1 we see her struggle with love and heartbreak, as she finds herself torn between two men and her own raging emotions. In Episode 2 Vikki takes a trip to the countryside with the man she has chosen and has to battle hay fever, insects, his overbearing family and her own shortcomings.

a cold hearted phoenix

Isis writes in an experimental style, mixing prose and screenwriting to create a fast-paced, dramatic reading experience. Her characters are engaging, sexy, funny and complex, and both books are filled with Isis’ unique illustrative style. This series is perfect if you’re looking something a little different!

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Visit Isis Sousa’s Tragic Books website for more of her work.

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