2015-16 end of year report

Last month was the end of the financial year, which means once again I have to face the dreaded tax return…

But on the more fun side of things, I do have some cool figures from my 2015-16 year as a freelancer! Here they are:

  • I worked on over one million words (1,060,571 to be precise).
  • The majority of my time was spent on the first draft (for writing) or the first pass (for editing and proofing), almost 1.5 times as long as I spent on the second draft or pass.
  • I worked on 32 blog posts and 12 complete books, including poetry, novels, novellas and coffee table books.
  • I helped 14 students with their essays, dissertations and personal statements/ applications for further courses or jobs.
  • 43% of my clients returned to me for more work.

Of course, I am hoping to improve on these numbers this year as 2016-17 will be my first complete year as a full-time freelancer, so thank you to everybody I worked with in 2015-16.

Here’s to another great year!

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