Writing spotlight: ‘Demons of the Jungle’ by Joseph Clay

In writing spotlights, I will show you the writers I have had the privilege to work with. I did not work on this book, but I will be editing the rest of the series.

Demons of the Jungle (Second Edition) by Joseph Clay, edited by Keidi Keating (Your Book Angel).

Demons of the Jungle is a novel written by Joseph Clay, a self-published writer from Georgia, USA. Joe started out by writing a blog on WordPress and then made his way into flash fiction, before becoming a full-time author in 2014. His novels usually feature supernatural and erotic themes.

demons of the jungle

Demons of the Jungle tells the story of Debra and Trish. Debra is an ex-addict newly released from prison and looking for away to escape a Detroit winter on the streets. Trish is a privately educated Southern belle who runs away from home to go on holiday with her friends. The two meet in a diner on a stormy night and begin an adventure that will take them to the African jungle, and pit them against a powerful and malevolent force.

demons of the jungle

Joe’s writing is engaging and often provocative, and Demons includes a strong balance between drama and action. Joe’s latest book, Witch’s Dilemma, will also tackle supernatural themes, and sees Debra and Trish making a welcome return to the page. This series is perfect if you’re after sex, death and everything in between!

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Visit Joseph Clay’s website for more author information.

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