Writing spotlight: ‘Valencia Noir’ by Isis Sousa

In writing spotlights, I show you books I have had the privilege to work on.

Valencia Noir by Isis Sousa, text proofed and edited by Clare Diston (Human Voices Editorial Services).

Valencia Noir is a photobook compiled by writer and artist Isis Sousa. Isis lives in Norway with her husband and works as an illustrator, as well as photographing her travels and lending her artistic skills to the dreamy, fantastical stories she writes.

valencia noir isis sousa art gothic book

This book explores the history, culture and art of one of the largest cities in Spain, Valencia, and beautifully captures its dark, Gothic atmosphere in more than 160 gorgeous black and white photographs. Isis investigates the city’s most striking landmarks – including the Quart and Serrano Towers and the Museum of Fine Art – as well as its most famous figures and potent mythological symbols.

valencia noir isis sousa gothic book art

As well as the sumptuous high-quality images, in this atmospheric coffee table book you can expect historical and cultural narrative, all in Isis’ usual playful style. Isis beautifully captures the darker side of human desire, this time by noticing the mysterious details that make up the city of Valencia.

isis sousa valencia noir art book gothic


Need a proofreader for your art book? Contact me!

Visit Isis Sousa’s Tragic Books website for more of her work, and to see the cover reveal of her upcoming illustrated novel!

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