Podcasts for writers

Even if we might want to, it isn’t possible to write all the time. Sometimes we have to do other things, like cook dinner, wash up, put away laundry and, heaven forbid, get some exercise – but that doesn’t mean we have to stop thinking about writing, or searching for inspiration if the well has run temporarily dry.

Podcasts are a brilliant way to liven up mindless chores and keep your creative brain ticking over while you get on with other things, so today I’m going to recommend you some of my favourite podcasts for writers. Happy listening!

podcasts for writers
The face of a great podcast discovery!

The Creative Penn

Bestselling thriller author Joanna Penn brings you a fresh podcast every week, filled with news from the publishing industry, updates about her own work, and interviews with other writers and creatives. She discusses a different topic each week, covering everything from planning to writing to marketing your book, to give you a complete overview of the business of writing. I really recommend the episode with Libby Hawker, in which Libby states her ambitions for her career and discusses the divide between literary and genre fiction.

The Portfolio Life

With more of a focus on creativity in general, Jeff Goins interviews one guest each week about their work and attitudes to creativity and business. The idea is to help listeners build their own ‘portfolio life’, by realising that life isn’t just about doing one thing, but is about collecting experiences and knowledge from everything you do, to create the rich and varied person that you are. I loved the episode about overcoming rejection with Jia Jiang, in which Jiang talks about his mission to seek out rejection in order to deal with it better, and the surprising things he learned along the way.

The Moth

This podcast is just about telling good stories! The Moth is a programme based in New York which runs workshops on the art of storytelling, and invites people to tell their stories to a live audience. The stories are usually true-life anecdotes, and it’s refreshing to hear the storytellers get excited, interact with the audience, stumble over their words and recover themselves, choke up with emotion or melt into laughter. Please listen to the episode with the former White House speech-writer Jon Lovett – it’s fantastic.

Podcasts for writers
How I imagine Jon Lovett ended his story.

Helping Writers Become Authors

Taking the format of a sort of spoken essay, historical and speculative fiction writer K.M. Weiland discusses a new writing-related topic every week, including tips to help you finish your book and write faster, and in-depth analysis of the technical aspects of writing a novel. I enjoyed the episode about plotting a book by starting with the antagonist – definitely food for thought if you’re struggling to make an antagonistic character three-dimensional.

I Should Be Writing

Mur Lafferty updates her listeners on the progression of her novels (from first drafts to marketing), answers audience questions, and interviews other writers – mainly traditionally published sci-fi, fantasy and horror authors. Join a community of people who all feel like they should be writing, and get some inspiration to help you get back to it! Check out the episode about all the different technical terms used in the world of publishing – it’s very useful for people who aspire to make a living from writing.

Those are my recommendations for wonderful writing podcasts. Do you have any more you would add to my list? Let me know with a comment below!

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