7 must-have Christmas gifts for writers

Buying presents for a writer can be difficult – after all, don’t they already have everything they need in their heads? Well, look no further! If you’re shopping for a writer, or you’re a writer who doesn’t know what they want for Christmas (apart from a book deal, of course), here are 7 must-have Christmas gifts for writers!


A Novel Journal

christmas gifts for writers

What could be more inspiring for your work than writing alongside the classics? Novel Journals from Canterbury Classics are big, floppy notebooks with lined pages. They come in bright colours, and the lines on every page are actually the tiny printed text of iconic books, including Pride and Prejudice and Dracula!

Ready, Set, Novel!

christmas gifts for writers

Writing a novel is a daunting process, but this much-praised book contains loads of activities to help you along the way. From lists and motivational quotes to information about every element of writing a novel, this is a handy guide for anybody trying to write the book they’ve always wanted to, or seasoned writers who have hit upon a temporary block in the road.

The 3 A.M. Epiphany

christmas gifts for writers

Sometimes you just need a little push to get your creativity working in new and unexpected ways. The 3 A.M. Epiphany provides all sorts of unusual writing prompts to inspire you and get you out of a creative rut. (By the way, that excellent title is based on a phenomenon many writers are familiar with: the best ideas often happen in the middle of the night!)



christmas gifts for writers

Scrivener is a writing program that lets you store every element of your writing process in one place. Plan out the overall structure of your work in the corkboard view, keep research notes close to hand, attach important information about characters and locations to individual chapters, and do your writing in an MS Word-style layout. Scrivener is great for everything from poems to long, detailed projects.


christmas gifts for writers

For the writer who wants to get serious about finishing and submitting work, Duotrope is an online collection of writing competitions and magazines accepting submissions. Give the gift of membership and your writer will be able to search for opportunities by theme and type, and plan out exactly what they want to send, where and when.



Finishing a piece of work is a big deal and certainly something to celebrate, so if you know someone who wants to take their work to the next stage, why not give them some money towards professional editing or proofreading? An editor can help to tidy up everything from character motivations to misplaced commas – a worthwhile investment for any writer!

Time to write

christmas gifts for writers

When all else fails, the best thing you can give a writer is time to write. Whether this involves taking the kids out for the day, making them dinner when they’re really in the zone, or giving them this cute mug from the Literary Gift Company so you know when not to disturb them, they’re sure to appreciate the effort!

If you can think of any other great gifts for writers, be sure to comment and let me know!

I am affiliated with Amazon, so if you click on the Amazon links in this blog post when you do your shopping, you won’t pay extra, but I will get a small referral fee.

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