2017–18 end of year report

Another financial year has ended, and that means it’s tax return time. It’s also a great opportunity to look back over the year and see how my business has done. I’m a total nerd, and that means I have a monster spreadsheet that tracks every aspect of my business, and that means I can give you some cold, hard stats about Human Voices in 2017–18. So here they are!

To compare, you can find 2015-16’s stats here.

In the financial year 2017-18:

  • I worked on 2,381,436 words. Of course, that’s just the total word count of all the jobs, so I actually read much more than that because I usually read everything at least twice. Phew!
  • I worked on 24 complete books (including novels, textbooks and memoirs), 25 essays and 4 magazine issues, and I wrote 57 blog posts.
  • I wrote more than 42,000 words. That includes blog posts, blurbs for novels, interview questions, website copy and magazine articles.
  • On average, I spent the most time on the first pass through a document. For smaller jobs, that initial read was where most of the work happened, but for larger jobs I spent even longer on the second pass.
  • 72% of my clients returned to me for more work.

I’m pretty pleased with those numbers, but of course I’d like to do even better this financial year. If you’d like to work with me in 2018–19, please do get in touch. Whether you need proofreading, editing or copywriting, I’d be happy to help!

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